Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs: Does the thought of producing business videos make you want to pull the covers up over your head?

You’re a heart-centered entrepreneur. You love your clients and they love you (and you have the testimonials to prove it)! You know you could reach more of them if you could just get this whole video marketing thing figured out, but the thought of shooting videos yourself makes you break out in hives. You wish someone would come along and help you figure out your strategy and deal with all the technical stuff and just generally hold your hand through the whole video-making process.

We might be a match if:

  • You’ve been procrastinating making any videos at all out of sheer terror.
  • You’ve made a few videos on your own and would like to take it to a new, more professional level.
  • You have a new product or service to launch and you’d like to use video to do it.
  • You’d love to feel authentic and natural in your videos instead of feeling like you’re auditioning for a bad reality show (Kardashians need not apply).
  • You’re willing to do some homework (don’t worry, I’ll be gentle).

Nice to meet you!

I’m Maya Gangadharan, a recovering corporate facilitator and on-camera spokesperson turned video doyenne. I believe that everyone is always only one step away from discovering something that will change her life for the better, and for your ideal clients that something just might be you! I started this business because I have a crush on heart-centered entrepreneurs and I want to help them get the word out about the work they do so they can get on with the business of saving the world. It’s not gonna get saved all by itself, ya know!

I offer a full-day video intensive combining one-on-one coaching with a professional video shoot. You’ll walk away with a bushel of tools and strategies to boost your confidence and 4 short, sweet, slick videos that will make your ideal clients swoon and pick up the phone or the mouse. To find out more about that, click here.

Warning! We may become BFF’s if:

  • You are slightly irreverent and have been known to laugh at inappropriate jokes.
  • You’re kind of a nerd and a little bit proud of it.
  • You say “please” and “thank you”. Always. And you mean it.

Care to go on a first date?

If any of this has piqued your curiosity (and especially if you appreciate the use of the word “piqued”), you can check out my blog, peruse some clips and testimonials, or apply for a Discovery Session to see if we’re a match made in video heaven.